Culinary Artist. Food Connoisseur. Epicurean.

Sunil Chauhan is a young Indian chef who currently works as the Executive chef in California, USA. He aims to blend traditional Indian recipes with contemporary cuisine, in order to introduce authentic Indian food to the world. He is a master at creating gourmet options that combine health and taste, that are at the heart of Indian cuisine. He aims to bridge the contemporary and ancient Indian cuisine and amalgamate deeply rooted cultures from the Indian subcontinent. He is working on reviving and bringing back the little-known obliterated recipes from the majestic native land of India, in the form of wholesome, delicious meals. He has a vast knowledge of combining unique ingredients to bring an exceptional culinary experience to the table.


The Early Days

Hailing from the picturesque valleys of Uttarakhand, Chef Sunil Chauhan completed his formal education from Rajasthan, India. Since his father served in the Indian Army, he had the opportunity to travel to India extensively and gain new perspectives on life. He studied Hotel Management and graduated from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India. He underwent several specialized culinary courses in India and USA, to endure his culinary skills.

Culinary Voyage

After his graduation in Hotel Management from Bharathiar University. His professional career started with The Ashoka (ITDC) in New Delhi, India. Chef Sunil currently works as the executive chef in California, USA. Being from an army background, He extensively traveled in India and gained new perspectives on different cultures and their varied cuisine, which helped him to understand different cuisine and experience its rich heritage that has inspired him as a chef, to curate recipes that are close to his roots.

From his first steps in the culinary world at The Ashoka to introducing his native Indian recipes to the United States of America, he came a long way now. He has worked with numerous renowned chefs and well-established hospitality brands in his culinary career. Chef Sunil Chauhan is a culinary artist with a clear vision.

He serves authentic Indian cuisine to the world and busts the Western world's archaic beliefs about Indian food. Over the past few years, Chef Sunil Chauhan has experimented with coalescence between salubrious ancient Indian recipes with contemporary food presentation techniques. His experiment has been a success in shattering the traditional perception in the Western world about Indian food. He constantly strives to source local ingredients, embeds numerous Ayurveda-based recipes, and create menus that offer diversely flavourful recipes.

Awards & Recognition

Sunil successfully expanded his horizons in the culinary fraternity as his culinary expertise has earned him several awards over the years. As a Chef of one of the well-known restaurants in Hyderabad, he bagged the award for Best North Indian Cuisine four times in a row, by Times Food and Nightlife Awards (Times of India Initiative). In addition, his various dishes have been awarded Best North Indian Food in South India by the South India Hotels and Restaurants Association (SIHRA) and Best North-West Frontier Cuisine in entire Pradesh, (India) by the Andhra Pradesh Hotel Association (APHA). Furthermore, one of his lamb recipes Nalli ka Salan was featured as the Best Lamb Dish in the city of Nagpur, by a popular news daily of Central India. Many of his recipes were published in popular news dailies. He is also a member of the World Association of Chef's Society (WACS) and the Indian Federation of Culinary Association (IFCA). He is also a lifetime member of the Indian Culinary Forum (ICF).

Apart from his culinary successes, he is also a Passionate Photographer, Traveler, Nature lover, and Ardent Reader.

Award for best north west frontier cuisine 2013 by South Indian hotels and restaurants association of south India

Award for best North Indian cuisine in entire Andhra Pradesh 2012

Best north west frontier cuisine in south India

Award for best North Indian cuisine in entire Andhra Pradesh

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